Zombieland 2 Officially Back for Good

Zombie genre whether in movies or video games has become a trend for few years and even until now. If you can remember the Zombieland movie starred by Bill Murray was became hit in 2009. The movie features the place in apocalyptic scene and after 9 years of hiatus will be able to see a new adventure of the movie Zombieland for second sequel.

Zombieland 2 has been confirmed and all the cast of the crew are back in one piece for another comedy and scary survival movie on the big screen. Sony is reviving the movie after a long time of not having new sequel. The movie Zombieland mainly circulates Columbus as he tried to face the danger everyday in the zombie-infested world.

To get to know of the movie you can watch this trailer in youtube

Zombieland 2 2017 OFFICIAL TRAILER

But maybe of you did not able to watch the part one or you do not know that this movie exist you can catch the part one trailer here

Zombieland Official Trailer #1

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His adventure has caused him to encounter Tallhahassee, Little Rock and Wichita. In the conclusion of the film, they have great connection and have been winning the hearts of the viewers of the movie and so it has gained a huge profit of $100M.

And now the movie has its own time for a new sequel. In fact there are rumors that the second sequel has already made. However, all those speculations are just half truth, yes it is true that the movie will have second sequel but to think that it is already done, its far from the truth. The fact is that fans have been waiting for a long time to see the second sequel of the movie.

Sony got its hand to make the movie Zombieland 2 move forward and must have great story prepared to amaze fans once more. The second sequel has been made by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese and once more will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, right after his Venom movie. The production of the movie will begin next year and it will be expected that the movie Zombieland 2 will be in the cinema on October next year.

Now that the request of the fans has been answered, even the celebrities who play the role are more eager to be back acting for the same role. While it is true that these celebrities are very eager to play their respective role in the movie, we should not forget that these celebrities are very in demand. It is true that these celebrities are really good in the role and people love them and that is the reason they love them back on the screen for another Zombieland.

For those who have not seen the first sequel, they may not find the movie familiar but if they will watch the first sequel, soon they will long to see the second sequel of the movie. Of course the movie cast has also grown into mature cast but the wit and the style of the actors might be the same. Eisenberg who works in the past movies and many other popular movies that turn out to be box office hit. And now the return of the cast for the new sequel of the Zombieland is the sign that movies are still one of the favorite’s genres in the movie world.

So if you are a fan of zombie genre, have fun with best story of the Zombieland 2 which will arrive next year. See new weapons, story, wits and places. For more details be sure to follow the trusted sites that will give you free access to live streaming for free movies in HQ quality.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – A New Threat in the City

After the demise of the animal theme park called Jurassic World in the Island of Nublar, there comes a new threat which will surely affect the lives of dinosaurs. The teaser shown that there will be rescue op prior saving some species of the dinosaur and we thought that Claire and Owen will just stay in the same island in this second installment. The movie begins with the black op rescuing some dinosaurs and Owen agrees to join them since he also wants to get Blue (a raptor which he cared in the past) out of the Island. However later on, Owen found out that their motive of getting the dinosaurs is really not to take care of them but to use them for an experiment.

If you think that the movie will just stay focus on the Island or the annihilation of the dinosaur, you got it wrong. There is definitely a twist in the movie since rescuing the dinosaurs from the island is just the beginning of the story. Of course, there is a scene that would put the dinosaurs’ lives to the extinction but that is not what only makes the movie very exciting.

Moreover, the new setting of the movie will be on the mainland. After Owen and Claire used and lied by the company who hired them, they discovered things which will terrified them as they get to know the real motive of the company who hired them.

Another thing we did not anticipate in the movie is the idea of cloning of the species of the dinosaurs, but this time they created a new hybrid which is very aggressive and very deadly. We though Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom focuses mainly on extinction of the dinosaurs, but guesses what, this new breed of dinosaur will not just keep for auction. After Owen releases Blue and the other dinosaur, some of the deadly dinosaur will invade kid’s bedroom. Can you imagine a hungry dinosaur and a very intelligent at the same time which will open windows and will sneak in the room of the kids?
This movie is not just about survival, it also shows that these dinosaurs will become a predator in the city. We can see in the trailer that this dinosaur is now lying in wait ready to hunt some surfers in the sea. A big dinosaur is not a kind of predator that will just swim around and wait for its prey. But guess what, this is going to be new to the viewers because this time around the dinosaur is like he is a croc waiting for its prey.

Another scene in the teaser where some surfers are riding in a big wave, then a huge shadow lurking inside the big wave opens its mouth. Then there is another scene, where we can hear a man saying, “This is the most dangerous creature that ever walks on the Earth.” Imagine if this kind of animal let loss on the city, you can be sure that there will be plenty of deaths. Of course the movie will have plenty of surprises. I hope this movie will not look like Godzilla movie, in which the monster laying hundreds of below a huge basketball court. What could go wrong if these kinds of predators will roam around a city filled with people? And what if these predators are going to lay eggs for another offspring? As we all know that a female predator must feed herself more than she consume a day in order to keep up the energy she needed for the development of her eggs inside her. Chris Patt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jeff Goldblum will surely make our day in this movie so we shouldn’t have missed it.

Fifty Shades Freed – Beautiful Trailer

Okay folks, so the Fifty Shades Freed is coming this Feb and are you ready for the finally of the Fifty Shades trilogy? Well guess what, this is very interesting and Fifty Shades Freed, begins in the trailer with Christian who is walking up his wife. Along with flash backs of their wedding and Christian and Ana exchange of greetings each other. This sound so corny, maybe corny is what is needed in the move. On the other hand, they are still beautiful and totally very stunning in their morning kiss.

Check Fifty Shades Freed – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifty_Shades_Freed to know of about this story.

Check imdb: Fifty Shades Freed (2018) – IMDb to more more about its cast

One of the most detailed review that I have read about this 3 movie is this site  by reading from there you will decide whether you want to spend money for this movie or not …

Later in the scene Mrs. Grey was surprises by his husband below the building and Mr. Grey is taking his wife to out of town trip riding a private plane. As the trailer rolls, it features some fantastic scene, a wonderful place for couples and the beach and the sex in the bathtub as usual. Well, this time around they feature a place for newly wed and the idea of having a great time when couple have a get away. This Valentine’s Day , the honeymoon, the sex and the sparkling wine.

As the newly wed couple begin their matrimony and so Christian bought their dream home for the two of them, which Ana’s respond in a grateful and happy countenance. As they about to enter their dream home and while Christian introduce the architect of the house to Ana. Ana seems, in the mood of jealousy as she was observing the architect ( a beautiful woman) who is trying to touch Christian in front of her. And so, Ana shows to the architect who is the wife and confront her and tell the architect “stop trying to talk to my husband as if I’m not around. Of course, the experiment on sex, as Christian still Christian who is so addicted to seemingly rough sex and many more. Okay spoiler alert, Ana this time around is reading a sport car while somebody is chasing them. Folks there’s plenty of things which are not revealed in the trailer but one thing for sure this is gonna be a block buster movie again.

Fifty Shades Freed – Official Trailer [HD]

Lots of Payment Service Providers Online

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Game of Thrones: Not Your Typical TV Series

Game of Thrones is probably the most phenomenal TV series in history ever shown garnering 16 million viewers from all over the world. Episode 1 of the latest season (season 7) proved it all, combining live broadcast and replays. Last year, when Season 7 was announced to be aired by July of this year, some fans were disappointed that it would take that long to air as mostly were expecting that the most-awaited season of the non-traditional-plot-twisting HBO series would still be aired on the same month of this year, April. But some fans are patient enough to wait for July 2017, expecting a more lavish screenplay, from the now public-acclaimed author-director-producers David Benioff and David B. Weiss, given the length of time to perfect the long-awaited season.

The series is a diverse collection of emotion-driven scenes ranging from nudity in bedrooms, brothels swarming with naked women and even men, explicit sex scenes from both genders, not to mention incestuous acts, blood, yes, lots of blood, street killings, poverty stricken-streets, lavish parties with some food and leftovers go to waste, betrayals, and love.

Season 1, with the same title, A Game of Thrones, not only jerked a lot of tears from the most emotional viewers of this series but triggered much anger directed to Robert Baratheon’s incest-loving queen Cersei (Lannister) and spoiled brat of a son (well, not really his true son), who was next in line to the throne, Joffrey Baratheon. The beheading of Ned Stark was a pivotal event of season 1 which defies the typical plot from movies and series since TV entertainment has begun. People loved the mysterious Eddard Stark from the first scene in Winterfell (and people wanted him alive, for Pete’s sake). People loved the Starks even with the Jon Snow issue (but Jon Snow stole the hearts of the ladies!). Eddard Stark was an epitome of a typical protagonist as expected by all, but it was a stab in the heart of every viewer when Joffrey chopped his head off casually. Yes, just like that, Ned Stark’s head was torn apart from his body in front of the public, in front of the non-approving look of Cersei, the queen regent, in front of the harrowing cries of Sansa and the confused bellows of Arya Stark, because of treason to the crown as Joffrey accused it. And he was enjoying every part of the execution on the other hand.

With that alone, not to mention the scenes of the arrangement for Daenerys Targaryen’s marriage to the Dothraki Khal Drogo, season 1 left the viewers open-mouthed, not knowing what to do, with questions like, what the heck just happened? Why did Ned has to die? Who is the true protagonist? Will young Dany survive the harsh, explicit and brutal forces of the Dothraki?

People loved it. People wanted more. And so then it started, fans and viewers started to look forward for each season of the series, to satisfy their predictions, or what the leaks had revealed, but mostly, people started loving the appealing and innocent Jon Snow who knew nothing by then and the cunning, little imp, Tyrion Lannister.





A Glimpse of Hearthstone’s Basic Gameplay Concept

Hello and welcome and today, I will be giving you the basic of the basic of Hearthstone game Teschet style. This article is dedicated to the very basics of the game and explain all the gameplay mechanics all should be aware of.

So, for the obvious place to start when you go into a match after picking one of the currently nine available heroes or classes, you will randomly go first or second. If you go first, you will be met by three cards, and if you go second, you will see four of them instead right in front of you. Right after that, you will have partial mulligan, where you pick any of the four cards that you think you do not need to be replaced by other cards in the hope of getting something better.

From that point on, it is time to play your cards but one thing to note is here is that if you are going second, you are a very special person and you will be getting a unique card called the “coin” which allows you to increase your attack for one turn. That is why make use of it wisely because it can be incredibly useful. . Of course, the most important to look for though is your health pole. Everyone gets around 30 at the beginning of the match and you will win by depleting your enemies health pole to zero.

Another thing is that you can not go beyond the given 30 health pole. What you can do, however, is to increase your armor.  Any damage will be taken by your armor and the good thing is that you can stack this infinitely. You will always take damage first with your armor because taking damage into your health pole.

Now, every turn you will get to use a mana crystal up to a maximum of 10. If you have cards that increase mana pass ten, you will instead get excess mana cards which will allow you to draw card. Of course, every turn you will get a car up to a maximum of 10. Any excess will get destroyed. And if you run out of card, you will take damage every time you draw a card. This damage amplifies by 1 every time you must draw. Take note, you can get cards buy buying them on packs, however, those guys that  makes more gold than most of the players. And it does allow them to get the best card deck possible.

Cards, by the way, come in 3 different types — spells, equipments, and minions. Spells are the ones that give you fireball, ice and things like that. They are one-time used cards and currently there is no neutral spells meaning they are all class specific. Equipments on the other hand will equip your heroes with a certain equipment mainly all kinds of lovely weapons.  Equipment both have an attack value and a durability value. Attack value decides how much damage your hero can incur to its enemy while durability value decreases by one each time you attack. Once it reaches zero, it will explode can possibly damage your hero. Lastly, you have your minion cards which will summon all your lovely servants into the battle field. Minions have both attack value and health value. These minions come in so many variety with different kinds of abilities. It is also worth noting that you can only have a maximum of 7 minions at a time.

That would be it for the first installment of Hearthstone basic. Make sure to share this with those who play the game and bookmark this page for the upcoming update.


Ultimate Money Making Guide for Simcity BuildIt

SimCity series has been a combination of both being a simulation and a strategy game. You as the mayor of the city is directly responsible for its success or its downfall. Now the main aim of the game is basically earn the money needed for the city and its Sims to live a sustainable lives. Well, that is easy said than done. Now, as I have played the game for quite sometime now and was able to progress on relatively quickly. I am going to share a secret that will help you earn fast money to finance your city.

The whole idea of this strategy is to make use of the resources that your city. Now basically, my city used to be focused on oil and mining, but later on I just realized that it is not enough to give you insane amounts of money. Later on, I discovered that the trading specialization and electronic specialization work well with each other and gives you, by far, the biggest amount of money in a short period of time.

In order for you to be able to achieve what I have achieve, first you need to unlock your trade headquarters. It may require you some good amount of money to do that. But I will dig deeper on that because you can surely figure it out for your own self.  After unlocking the trade headquarters, the next thing to do is to gather enough money to unlock the next big thing, that is the electronic headquarters.  Of course, you can’t do this on one snap of a finger. These things will take time unless you are using the latest SimCity BuildIt tips that works on iOS and Android. However, like any strategy, starting small and eventually give your best shot to go for big things.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that in order for your Sims to be able to will versed with works for Electronics and Trading Headquarters, they have to be well-educated. Thus, having quality school establishments is necessary.  Overall, the city strategy is not to earn money from taxes or at least no to be dependent from it. Instead, you are dependent on huge earnings from your city specialization. That way you can make happy by not raising taxes. You can actually go as low as 1 percent and keep your Sims without complaints from taxes, whatsoever.

Generally this strategy is not for those who are impulsive. This is time consuming at first but in the end it is ultimately rewarding. As the adage goes, great things come to those who wait.

Best Representation of Modern America in a Game that is GTA V

The biggest celebrity of Grand Theft Auto V is arguably Los Santos itself. The world itself is impeccably specified, as well as absolutely leaking with variety as well as genuineness that simply few games handle to attain. You will still locate on your own coming across brand-new locations, or a minimum of elements of it you never ever noticed previously. The continuous element of discovery makes discovering Los Santos remarkably satisfying and the methods of expedition available to you from the starting just even more this fulfilling sense of satisfaction.
Grand Theft Auto next-gen looks incredible, and also realistic-looking and also eye-popping settings could appear particularly excellent in open-world video games. Players see new information whenever they drive right into those Hollywood Hills barrel carelessly down the shoulder of that time of freeway, as well as jog past the countless sketched-out personalities ranting and also raving on street edges.

Some would certainly call GTA V hack brutality gratuitous to the online community of players. It is about as terrible as a game could be, as well as you can frequently figure out simply how violent it comes to be, both on-mission and also off. But that violence is usually tied to extraordinary satire that makes a declaration concerning contemporary culture, capitalism, as well as the hypocrisies that accompany them.

Grand Theft Auto V is not simply a preposterously enjoyable video game, yet likewise a smart and also sharp-tongued satire of modern America. It stands for a refinement of everything that GTA IV offered the table five years earlier. It’s technically much more completed in every conceivable way, but it’s additionally enormously eager in its own right. Nothing else world in video games comes close to this in size or extent, as well as there is sharp knowledge behind its funny bone as well as present for chaos. It tells a compelling, uncertain, as well as intriguing tale without ever before permitting it get in the way of your very own self-directed experiences with San Andreas. It is among the very finest computer games ever made.

Grand Theft Auto V has actually just recently been premastered for the future generation gaming consoles, PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One. While the tale is exactly the exact same, the game does have some extra benefits and also modify. The initial and also most discussed modification is the ability to change in between first individual and also 3rd person. The Grand Theft Auto series has constantly been recognized for being a purely third-person game, yet Rockstar made a decision to spice points up for the premastering as well as provide the player the choice. Several games have produced this very first to third individual user interface in the past, but with Grand Theft Auto the entire battle dynamic is altered.

Boom Beach Success Depends on Strategy

If you have been playing a lot of Boom Beach or any base building games for quite  a considerable time already, then I can assure you that by now you have already realized one thing and that this game takes good planning and precise execution to be successful. In other words, you can only be good at this type of game if you are good at making strategy. Before I used to neglect planning but then later on as I progressed in level and ranking I tend to fail a lot of time in my raid. Thus, I end up losing resources instead of gaining resulting for me to force myself into buying in game currency in the form of diamonds just to make up for my upgrades and buildings.

Leveling up as you begin as very easy. It makes you think that this Boom Beach game is not really that hard, but things change as you go higher in the rankings. Gathering resources is a pain and tasking to the player as you need to be online most of the time if you don’t want your resources to get raided by others. With that, I made some changes. I used to think that Zookas and Heavies are the best combo units in farming, but then as I did my research such claim was totally false and I then came up wit a better plan that is working for my account.

The thing that is working for right now. This is the one that I consider as the best attacking strategy is to use solely warriors. This has been my bread and butter after the updates, it used to be heavies and zookas but those two are not that effective anymore as they tend to be overpowered by warriors which is quite surprising at first. Basically what I am going to do is to drop all my warriors on one spot in the enemy base, then putting up a flare on the headquarters. After which, I will use some shock bomb to the enemy defenses. And to be honest, it works almost every single time. Click here for more information on the detailed guide on how to implement and use “warrior strategy.”

Advantages of Warriors in Raids and Farming:

  • Training time is very short compared to zookas and heavies
  • Training cost is cheaper that any other troop
  • Highly at damaging buildings and defenses
  • Moves really fast though health points might be a little shaky
  • Easy to maneuver and heals themselves as they attack

Let me remind you that this tactic will end up getting the most casualties in your side but that does not mean you are doing any good. As a matter of fact, this is what makes you Boom Beach warriors better to almost anything that gamers will throw. Furthermore, you can always try to experiment on what will really work for you.

Vainglory: Ex – EA Digital supervisor desires to redesign the LAN party with a different tablet MOBA

Playfish ceo and former head of EA Digital Kristian Segerstrale desires to carry out for multiplayer online challenge arenas what Halo did for first-person shooters: Broaden their viewers and shape the genre into what he and his new studio room believe is the foremost hardware for them.

Kristian Segerstrale has signed up with San Mateo-based studio Super Evil Megacorp as COO to operate on its first video game, a console-quality MOBA built especially for tablets called Vainglory.

“What is absolutely fascinating concerning the industry is, you have a lot more than 400 million tablets on the market, developing at tens of millions more one fourth, and then there are nevertheless no core video games,” he told Polygon. “No one thinks about tablets as their major core video gaming devices nowadays.

Bo Daly – CEO of Super Evil Megacorp and former associate of Rockstar and Gazillion Entertainment – declared that the studio’s concept of a “core game” is one that’s not an add-on to players’ lives, but an organized some of it.

“The way we consider core video games is: these are video games individuals will play for long periods of time and play for years,” Daly told Polygon. “These are the type of video games we’re thinking about building, video games gamers will grow with and can manage their lives around, not just simply something they can fit into the extra times of their day.”

“At some point somebody will put out [a core video game for tablets], and we are wishing that is going to be us,” Segerstrale said. “However we think it will likely be a mega trend and we‘re pleased to take part in it.”

Super Evil Megacorp has silently and sneakily been doing work for a little over a couple of years, getting created in Feb. 2012 with veterans from Rockstar, Riot, Insomniac and Blizzard – simply to name just a few studios. Segerstrale told Polygon the studio’s objective is to “generate the ideal home” for mentioning a tablet MOBA.

Daly explained Vainglory as an “unapologetically core” video game specifically designed for the intimacy of mobile devices. Vainglory hack iOS and Android is a three-versus-three synchronous multiplayer video game, with every gamer engaging from their own device. Like League of Legends for tablets.

“We sensed that tablets might be, in many ways a far better platform to experience the video game on than even PCs,” Daly said. “We invested considerable time really crafting Vainglory to make certain it felt responsive sufficient that pro-level MOBA gamers will sense it lives up to their challenging benchmarks. Probably the most thrilling thing regarding tablets for core video gaming is, you think of the kinds of video games we typically consider when we say ‘core video gaming,’ these 1000-hour games where teamwork and technique overlap and dealing tightly with one another is the vital thing – it really works.