Fifty Shades Freed – Beautiful Trailer

Okay folks, so the Fifty Shades Freed is coming this Feb and are you ready for the finally of the Fifty Shades trilogy? Well guess what, this is very interesting and Fifty Shades Freed, begins in the trailer with Christian who is walking up his wife. Along with flash backs of their wedding and Christian and Ana exchange of greetings each other. This sound so corny, maybe corny is what is needed in the move. On the other hand, they are still beautiful and totally very stunning in their morning kiss.

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Later in the scene Mrs. Grey was surprises by his husband below the building and Mr. Grey is taking his wife to out of town trip riding a private plane. As the trailer rolls, it features some fantastic scene, a wonderful place for couples and the beach and the sex in the bathtub as usual. Well, this time around they feature a place for newly wed and the idea of having a great time when couple have a get away. This Valentine’s Day , the honeymoon, the sex and the sparkling wine.

As the newly wed couple begin their matrimony and so Christian bought their dream home for the two of them, which Ana’s respond in a grateful and happy countenance. As they about to enter their dream home and while Christian introduce the architect of the house to Ana. Ana seems, in the mood of jealousy as she was observing the architect ( a beautiful woman) who is trying to touch Christian in front of her. And so, Ana shows to the architect who is the wife and confront her and tell the architect “stop trying to talk to my husband as if I’m not around. Of course, the experiment on sex, as Christian still Christian who is so addicted to seemingly rough sex and many more. Okay spoiler alert, Ana this time around is reading a sport car while somebody is chasing them. Folks there’s plenty of things which are not revealed in the trailer but one thing for sure this is gonna be a block buster movie again.

Fifty Shades Freed – Official Trailer [HD]