Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – A New Threat in the City

After the demise of the animal theme park called Jurassic World in the Island of Nublar, there comes a new threat which will surely affect the lives of dinosaurs. The teaser shown that there will be rescue op prior saving some species of the dinosaur and we thought that Claire and Owen will just stay in the same island in this second installment. The movie begins with the black op rescuing some dinosaurs and Owen agrees to join them since he also wants to get Blue (a raptor which he cared in the past) out of the Island. However later on, Owen found out that their motive of getting the dinosaurs is really not to take care of them but to use them for an experiment.

If you think that the movie will just stay focus on the Island or the annihilation of the dinosaur, you got it wrong. There is definitely a twist in the movie since rescuing the dinosaurs from the island is just the beginning of the story. Of course, there is a scene that would put the dinosaurs’ lives to the extinction but that is not what only makes the movie very exciting.

Moreover, the new setting of the movie will be on the mainland. After Owen and Claire used and lied by the company who hired them, they discovered things which will terrified them as they get to know the real motive of the company who hired them.

Another thing we did not anticipate in the movie is the idea of cloning of the species of the dinosaurs, but this time they created a new hybrid which is very aggressive and very deadly. We though Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom focuses mainly on extinction of the dinosaurs, but guesses what, this new breed of dinosaur will not just keep for auction. After Owen releases Blue and the other dinosaur, some of the deadly dinosaur will invade kid’s bedroom. Can you imagine a hungry dinosaur and a very intelligent at the same time which will open windows and will sneak in the room of the kids?
This movie is not just about survival, it also shows that these dinosaurs will become a predator in the city. We can see in the trailer that this dinosaur is now lying in wait ready to hunt some surfers in the sea. A big dinosaur is not a kind of predator that will just swim around and wait for its prey. But guess what, this is going to be new to the viewers because this time around the dinosaur is like he is a croc waiting for its prey.

Another scene in the teaser where some surfers are riding in a big wave, then a huge shadow lurking inside the big wave opens its mouth. Then there is another scene, where we can hear a man saying, “This is the most dangerous creature that ever walks on the Earth.” Imagine if this kind of animal let loss on the city, you can be sure that there will be plenty of deaths. Of course the movie will have plenty of surprises. I hope this movie will not look like Godzilla movie, in which the monster laying hundreds of below a huge basketball court. What could go wrong if these kinds of predators will roam around a city filled with people? And what if these predators are going to lay eggs for another offspring? As we all know that a female predator must feed herself more than she consume a day in order to keep up the energy she needed for the development of her eggs inside her. Chris Patt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jeff Goldblum will surely make our day in this movie so we shouldn’t have missed it.